Skills and Strategies for the Child Care Teacher

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Course Description: This course is designed for individuals who are fulfilling WI Administrative Code DCF 251 requirements for a child care teacher.  This course focuses on skills and strategies for the child care teacher with emphasis on selecting developmentally appropriate activities, planning lessons, and facilitating children’s activities.  This course meets Wisconsin’s requirements for a child care teacher.


  1.  Explore the relationship between growth and development of children and curriculum planning.
  2. Create developmentally appropriate lessons or unit plans.
  3. Use observation methods to document growth and development.
  4. Provide for the individual needs of children with developmental differences.
  5. Incorporate awareness and respect for diversity in curriculum planning.
  6. Provide for developmentally appropriate and safe environments for children.
  7. Select developmentally appropriate toys and games.
  8. Incorporate language and literacy strategies in unit planning.
  9. Incorporate creative activities for children ( art, rhythm, music, dramatic play) in lesson planning.
  10. Incorporate social studies, science and math activities into lesson planning.
  11. Incorporate activities to develop gross and fine motor skills into lesson planning.
  12. Create learning centers.
  13. Use positive guidance to facilitate developmentally appropriate activities and schedules with children.

The Skills and Strategies for the child care teacher consists of 13 learning plans.

  1. Child Growth and Development.
  2. Learning Through Play
  3. Developmentally Appropriate Practices, Safety
  4. Lesson Planning, Learning Centers, and Facilitating Activities
  5. Observations
  6. Meeting the Individual Needs of Children
  7. The Learning Environment
  8. Literacy
  9. Creative Activities
  10. Sensory Activities, Fieldtrips, Muscle Development
  11. Positive Guidance
  12. Communication and Conflict Resolution
  13. Professionalism in Child Care

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