Introduction to the Child Care Profession

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This course provides entry level knowledge and skills for individuals as they begin to or intend to care for children in a group or family child care.  Learners explore rules and regulations governing group and family child care and the responsibilities of child care providers.  This course fulfills introductory non-credit course requirements as specified in DCF Chapters 250 and 251 for family and group child care in Wisconsin administrative code.  

The course is broken down into the following 14 Learning plans.

  1. Exploring licensing standards to promote a quality child care environment
  2. Identify and discriminate among the varying stages of Child Development
  3. Analyze techniques of Positive behavior management for young children.
  4. Summarize responsibilities for identifying, documenting, and reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
  5. Explore the daily program for children in various settings including family child care, infants, toddlers and preschool age groups
  6. Building social and emotional competence
  7. Promoting child development through activities, selecting appropriate equipment and materials for children
  8. Adhere to health standards including universal precautions sanitary practices, medication administration and the care of sick or injured children
  9. Providing for children’s safety and Sudden Infant Death syndrome
  10. Providing for the nutritional needs of children
  11. Demonstrate respect for diversity among children and families
  12. Identify modifications needed for children with special needs
  13. Working and communicating with Families and Peers
  14. Identify strategies and techniques that promote personal professional development and manage stress.

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