Continual marketing strategies for family child care

Providing child care from our homes means more than caring for children. We must become savvy in business marketing, too! For some early child care practitioners, this is exciting; for others it is plain frightening! What are examples of marketing our business?

It is important to remember that we are continually marketing our program. Every step we make represents our program. Surprisingly, marketing aspects can be very simple. For example, the basic act of warmly greeting people in the community is a best bet in marketing. They will remember well the adult who was friendly and personal (especially if we have our business card on hand!).

Key marketing tips for family child care providers
• Use visual aids (scrapbook, receipts, evaluations, daily note, video, business cards, etc.).
• Keep track of children after they leave your care.
• Advertise with other providers with whom you have something in common (neighborhood, religious viewpoint, CDA or other professional credential, philosophy, etc.).
• Keep informed about what parents want.

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