Final Project

For a final project in this course we thought it would be beneficial to have individuals put together a teacher resource guide (TRG) that will be helpful as you start your child care career or as you continue to grow as a child care professional.  In order to complete this you will need to do internet searches, talk to coworkers, directors, parents, ask questions on the discussion boards or chat with us either through email, messaging on the discussion boards or giving us a call.  We can learn so much from individuals that are already in the field.

Choose 10 of the following topics listed:

  • Creative art activities
  • Props for the dramatic play area
  • STEM activities for preschoolers
  • Literacy activities
  • Small motor activities
  • Environmental activities
  • Recycling activities
  • Large motor activities
  • Rainy day activities- (usually a file of activities that you can refer to when you need to fill in gaps in lesson planning)
  • Group games to play to encourage children to include all children
  • Writing center ideas
  • Sensory table ideas
  • Group time ideas
  • Music and movement activities
  • Sensory recipes (playdough, goop…)
  • Circle time ideas
  • Simple cooking ideas
  • Outdoor activities 

Once you have chosen your 10 topics, complete the following:

  • For each topic: list two websites you visited to find ideas for your topic. List one activity on each website that you will add to your TRG.
  • For each topic: Ask 3 people (coworkers, directors….) to give you one idea you can add to your TRG.  List those here.
  • For each topic: What will the children learn and how will you as a teacher benefit from the activities/ideas you add to your TRG?
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