Heartsaver CPR/AED First Aid Course Information

The class will be located at The Early Education Station, 8634 W. National Ave.; West Allis, Wisconsin.

These classes are all presented in English, you must be able to understand English to successfully complete the course. Prior staff approval is required if you need to bring an interpreter 

Please be in the building ready to start class by the start time!  Classes start at the scheduled time, if you are even a few minutes late to class you will be asked to leave as it is very disruptive, and you will miss vital CPR information that is given from the start of class. We cannot give you credit for a class if you did not attend the entire session.  You will need to reschedule a class and you WILL NEED TO REPAY for the class.  NO EXCEPTIONS GIVEN.

Children are not allowed in the class. Make child care arrangements for your children, only paid registrants are allowed in the classroom.  If you bring your children you will be asked to leave and you will lose your enrollment payment for the class

Please wear casual clothing to this class, as you will be practicing skills on the floor with manikins.  Manikin demonstration is required to receive a course recognition card. 

You will have close physical contact with your fellow students during CPR practice.  
To prevent cross infection: You should not participate in CPR practice if you are experiencing symptoms of illness.

** If you are ill contact us prior to the start of class and we will require a written medical excuse from a health care professional if you do not attend class due to an illness.  See note below.

If you have questions or must cancel, please call 414-546-3960

Once you are scheduled there is no rescheduling without a signed medical excuse and contact  with us 24 hours before the class starts.  There will be a $20.00 rescheduling fee provided we have been given a 24 hours advance notice and you have a signed medical excuse .  There will be no refunds of fees paid. 

The Early Education Stations parking lot is located behind the building.  The front parking lot is for Laundromat patrons only. As you face our building proceed to the right side of the building to access the back parking lot.

We look forward to seeing you at our training session.

Liz Juul and Julie Glazewski /Owners of The Early Education Station, Inc.

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