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    Chiquita Williamsmrzzperfect89

    With entering into the childcare field, I think my most preferred observation method would be watching and listening. Watching children grow and play and learn new things would be a great method. Paying close attention to specific details of each child. This also allows you to see the growth in your childcare children daily.

    DeeJae Campbelldeejaecampbell1

    I agree anecdotal observations is most effective for me as well.

    Kendra IvyKendra Ivy

    Agreed; watching how children interact and listening to how they interact will help you assess their motor skills.

    Kimberly FarrisKimberly Farris

    yes. i love watching my kids learn and play. by seeing them, i can figure out the best way each individual child learns

    Erin MccordErin Mccord

    Being able to watch kids grow is such a rewarding feeling.It also helps develop new ways to connect to the children.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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